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Promptness Is Important!

Daily Prompt: All About Me

Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

Daily Promptness is the name of this blog and (as you can probably guess) it didn’t take a long time to come up with it. I wanted something that would associate the blog with the Daily Prompts created by WordPress. And I wanted to make the point that there is some discipline involved in doing this sort of thing. Promptness suggests being on time, as in writing on a regular basis. The word prompt, of course, has at least two different meanings. It can be a catalyst for writing. A verbal cattle prod in some cases. Or it has a meaning similar to promptness.

I started this blog a few weeks ago and was writing every day. But then last weekend I went for a hike and missed a day. Then I returned and didn’t like the topic on that day. And so by yesterday I had developed a new habit. Not writing! Promptness was “out the window”. And so here we are! Struggling to write something without much luck. Discussing the difference between prompt and promptness. Putting everyone to sleep (including the author).

I would much rather be discussing cattle prods and their uses. Poor little cows. And people too, sometimes! But that’s just the old ADHD acting up. We need to stay on course and finish this thing.

Promptness is an important virtue. Being on time is a step in the right direction. I’m trying! Here’s a question for my dwindling audience. What would happen if, suddenly, everyone in the world decided to forget about promptness in their daily activities. What if no one was on time for anything? It’s probable that a lot of things would stop working.

What if there were no air traffic controllers on duty for the first hour of their shift? What if Starbucks didn’t open on time? What a nightmare! I can’t continue to think about this. None of us can. So get back to work! All of us (retired folks) are counting on you!


Musical Stuff Keeps The World From Exploding

Today’s Daily Prompt is. . .


What role does music play in your life?

Sometimes when I look around I am struck with amazement that this world actually functions at all. Nature, of course, manages to do its part. Or, at least, it has managed up to our present time. Some would argue that we are messing it up so badly it will no longer be able to do what comes naturally. I’m thinking more about societies of people who lead orderly lives and create orderly places on the map. Neighborhoods. Things like that.

Because most of us are so crazy!

One thing is clear and that is the fact that music plays its part in keeping things from grinding to a hopeless stop. If there was no music there would be chaos in the streets within a few weeks. If folks could not sing they would scream. And things would get ugly very quickly.

I am deeply indebted to all those who create song. Music relaxes the brain. It brings people together. It even keeps religious fanatics out of mischief for awhile.

We gotta have it. It’s water for the soul.

Dearly Departed. . .

The Daily Prompt today is to write a eulogy for oneself. And the blogger, in all good conscience, cannot resist such a grave challenge. All that is required to “get started” is to look out the window at the snow and notice that the jet stream has managed to bring the arctic into our backyard. It is cold as death not five feet away.

Cold as hell!  A contradictory notion.  And so we begin.

The blogger has left us dear friends. But he was not too bummed out about going somewhere else. He was happy, for example, to now have the opportunity to haunt his ex-wife whenever he feels like it. He also told me that he wanted to buzz a few UFO’s, scare the crap out of them the way they terrified him from time to time. And, of course, he is looking forward to meeting God and asking him a few questions. For instance, he would like to know why God allowed Bill Buckner to play first base for the Boston Red Sox during the 1986 World Series. And, if there is time, he would also ask Him why he doesn’t make their brain explode when someone says, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you”.

Our friend could be generous at times. Most of you probably did not know that he donated his body to science long ago. There was this biology student back in his college days who was really hot. He also spent years working with those in need and actually gave some of them shelter for several nights.

He was always an optimist. Because, he said, he had a choice and it would be really dumb to go the other way and believe the world is as awful as it appears to be much of the time. I imagine that, right now, he’s enjoying the fact that he has actually been freed from himself; the near-sighted, fumbling, wrinkled body, and the introverted, forgetful mind. He’s more free to love, laugh and learn as he greets those he has missed for so long, including his grandparents and his dear mother.

He’s exploring the vistas of many astral worlds made of light and music. And he’s waiting to welcome the rest of his family and friends home. He’s planning, someday, to have a party and invite everybody!  Even Bill Buckner!