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A Phone Can Save Your Life

Call Me, Maybe

 Describe your relationship with your phone. Is it your lifeline, a buzzing nuisance, or something in between?

I feel a slight panic if I have driven off somewhere and suddenly remember the phone is home on the charger.  How did I manage to survive those many years before the mobile device was in common use?

There was a time when we were frequently alone.  No one would know where we were if we did not show up for dinner. Those days are over.  When my grandfather was a boy it could take days or weeks to send someone a message.  Now it takes seconds.

When I first met my wife 12 or so years ago we were having fun one day playing with our mobile phones.  We were having a conversation on them as we stood next to each other.  There was a short delay as the words went up to the satellite and came down again.  Sound passed through the air a little quicker.  It was an experiment.  We enjoyed doing these when we were dating.

Two years ago I was very much overweight.  But I noticed this very neat app on my phone that would connect with GPS and track a walk around the neighborhood.  It played my favorite music and spoke about distances traveled and speed.  It compiled stats about  walks.  And so I lost 60 pounds.  My stomach no longer has folds in it when I stand up.  It’s flat and pretty hard.  The yearly blood test shows everything in a normal range.  I can wear shirts and suits made specifically for thin people.

So this little device has pretty much saved my life.  I love it.  But it can still stay home once in awhile.  Because it’s good to have time alone.   Leave a message.  I will get back to you.