A Room With A View

Daily Prompt: Writing Room

A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?

It’s pretty amazing!  Who knew that genie’s actually even existed!

Oh, wait.  What’s the ROOM like?  You need to have a conversation with the genie and plan the room!

Well, first of all, why would anyone in this position worry about a little room for reading and writing.  Don’t squander your genie wishes!   Ask him for a house!  Or, an island with lots of houses!  Or, your own country with an air force that’s got jets very much faster than any other country.  And beautiful women.  You’re the king, of course.  Or the queen.

But, no, that’s no good.  Imagine all the headaches.  Your people would have all sorts of problems and they would protest.  Genie, of course, would be gone somewhere and you would be taken prisoner by your own subjects and then they would chop off your head.

Better just stick with a room for writing and reading in a modest bungalow.  Although it could have a retractable roof and a garden.  And a money tree!  That’s better.  Every morning there would be fresh 100 dollar bills lying around on the carpet.  You wouldn’t even need to have a job.  You could focus on your writing!

But how do you keep such a thing secret?  Because word would get out.  All the C notes would have serial numbers on them.  And the government would arrest you!

It seems like the genie is here to get you into trouble.  So let me tell you what I would do.  “Hey there, Mr. Genie, I have a wish.  I wish you would go away!”

Now, if you would excuse me, I must go clean up my room and try to write.  Have a wonderful day.


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