Sleeping Outdoors In 15 Degree Weather

 Daily Prompt: Think Global, Act Local

“Think global, act local.” Write a post connecting a global issue to a personal one.

When I read this it left me cold, at first, although that is at least in part due to the fact it was 15 degrees F last night. My wife was amused by my reaction to our weather. Because I told her I was going to sleep in the back yard.

Why would you do such a silly thing on such a cold night (she might have asked).

Well, I wanted to try out my new sleeping bag. It just arrived a few days ago and I prefer to see how my camping equipment will perform when I’m only a hop, skip or jump away from the warmth, comfort and security of our home. And it performed well! It’s a great sleeping bag. Here’s the link to it. Around here (Virginia USA) a 30 degree bag covers most of your needs. It was 15 degrees last night and I had to wear a few extra clothes.

This company apparently did some testing on real, live people and discovered that many do not sleep if they cannot move their feet and legs freely. Mummy bags, of course, prevent this. But these bags do not.

And so I have stumbled on my global issue, sleep loss, and my own problems with it. And now I must go take a nap.


7 thoughts on “Sleeping Outdoors In 15 Degree Weather

  1. I’ve slept out doors in colder weather with two blankets.I thumbed and traveled two countries and 43 states.I’ve slept many a night out in the cold.You just get stranded somewhere and its late.Your tired, hungry, and you just want to sleep.I went to sleep knowing in the cold I might not wake up.But I didn’t care,death would relieve my shivers,and growling stomach. But I always woke up to struggle another day.

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