Musical Stuff Keeps The World From Exploding

Today’s Daily Prompt is. . .


What role does music play in your life?

Sometimes when I look around I am struck with amazement that this world actually functions at all. Nature, of course, manages to do its part. Or, at least, it has managed up to our present time. Some would argue that we are messing it up so badly it will no longer be able to do what comes naturally. I’m thinking more about societies of people who lead orderly lives and create orderly places on the map. Neighborhoods. Things like that.

Because most of us are so crazy!

One thing is clear and that is the fact that music plays its part in keeping things from grinding to a hopeless stop. If there was no music there would be chaos in the streets within a few weeks. If folks could not sing they would scream. And things would get ugly very quickly.

I am deeply indebted to all those who create song. Music relaxes the brain. It brings people together. It even keeps religious fanatics out of mischief for awhile.

We gotta have it. It’s water for the soul.

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