Ready, Set, Go. . .

Today I decided to go downtown (Richmond, Va.) to take a four mile hike starting at Brown’s Island and heading along the James River to take photos of Blue Herons nesting. But it is very cold today and I cut it short because the tips of my fingers started to burn with cold. Apparently these gloves I purchases at REI are not as helpful as I thought and will require some chemical hand warmer packs tucked inside when the temperature dips below freezing.

Better this was discovered here than on the trail! So after a short loop it was back to the warmth of the car and some cool jazz. Mission aborted! Since I started hiking 8 or 9 months ago I’ve had many situations that have not gone as planned. Equipment doesn’t perform. Or I don’t have the right equipment. At some point, hopefully, I will have enough experience to do these things with predictable results! And I will be able to share notes on products that actually do a great job!

I’ve actually had a great time experimenting with hiking gear and clothing. REI is my partner in this effort. They treat their customers very well and I never have a problem bringing something back or exchanging it. If I had to keep everything I bought in the first few months my new hobby would have run aground by now. I could not afford to keep buying sleeping bags, for example, until finding one that was comfortable enough to allow me to sleep. Too expensive! Here’s a photo from the point where things went south and I decided to turn back.

Next time, boys and girls. And sometime soon.




My aborted adventure actually fits in well with the WordPress Daily Prompt today which is Ready, Set, Go . . .write a post in ten minutes. There’s not much to say about getting out of the car, walking around in a circle, snapping a few shots and then returned to the vehicle!


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